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The Mentalist Big Bang 2013/14 Masterlist!
miss_peg wrote in mentalist_bb
It's over for another year and though I enjoyed it, I am glad I can put it behind me and get on with my suddenly hectic life. I hope you've all enjoyed the process and challenge, enjoy reading and viewing the works and don't forget to leave a comment! We all know how wonderful a comment is, I'm sure.

A massive thank you to lothiriel84 for sorting out the masterlist post so that I just have to copy and paste it, it's a huge help.

Big Bang fics

Strawberry Red Surprise
Author: lothiriel84
Artist: branquignole
Word Count: 11,240
Rating: T
Summary: Strawberries and Cream AU. Choose your enemies carefully ‘cause they will define you. (U2)

The Guy Next Door
Author: little_firestar
Artist: kathiann
Word Count: ~50,687
Rating: T (on the safe side)
Summary: AU- In a world where it wasn’t Red John to take away Jane’s family, Patrick and Teresa still meet; but what happens when she is a workaholic CBI agent, set on her career, and he is her nosy, loud and handsome new neighbor? Will spark fly, and what will they need to heal their old wounds?

You've got m@il
Author: little_firestar
Artist: browneyesparker
Word Count: ~20,400
Rating: K+
Summary: Inspired by Nora Ephron’s “You’ve got m@il”; in a Red John free future, Jane and Lisbon are both struggling with finding someone to share their life with. So, unknown to the other, Van Pelt talk each one of them in signing on an internet dating site. The objective? Forcing them to fall in love in the net, so that they could finally admit feelings long buried in reality too. But what will happen when they finally understood that May Flower and Alexanderson are, in reality, Teresa and Patrick?

Author: miss_peg
Artists: branquignole / browneyesparker
Word Count: 25,416
Rating: M
Summary: A case takes the team to a small town, where Lisbon's past comes back to haunt her.

Unforgettable face
Author: little_firestar
Artist: miss_peg
Word Count: ~10,700
Rating: T (on the safe side)
Summary: A Mentalist/Unforgettable crossover. After a one-night-stand of comfort sex, Lisbon, needing to distance herself from Jane, travels to Queens, to take in custody a person of interest in a cross jurisdiction case; there, she’ll not only find Jane already waiting for her, ready to try to win her over once and for all, but also someone she and her consultant know all too well: Jane’s brother-in-law, Danny Ruskin, now posing as Queen’s Robbery and Homicide Detective Roe Sanders. Is the con-man up to something, or, when Lisbon allowed him to walk away, something in him changed? And when and if the truth will come out, how it will affect Danny’s budding relationship with tech expert Tanya?

Set Them Free
Artist: kathiann
Word Count: 10,204
Rating: T/M
Summary: AU to the whole series. If you love somebody, set them free. (Sting)

Artist: agent_era
Word Count: 11,886
Rating: G
Summary: When Cho gets injured on the job, Jane feels sorry for him and turns his attention to Cho's love life (or lack, thereof) which leads to an interesting turn of events for his own.

Little Bang fics

How You Remind Me
Author: lothiriel84
Artist: skylar0grace
Word Count: 5,599
Rating: T
Summary: A Mentalist/Castle crossover. This is how you remind me, of what I really am. (Nickelback)

Date Night
Author: little_firestar
Artist: branquignole
Word Count: 8,540+
Rating: T
Summary: It all happens in one long night, and Jane and Lisbon's first attempt at dating results in disaster. Between miscommunication issues, the police, a terrible dinner and an ex showing up out of the blue, will Teresa admit defeat, or will she give her consultant a second chance at making it right?

The Right Foot Tell
Artist: kathiann
Word Count: ~6,000
Rating: T
Summary: “It’s world-wide known, Teresa: a man’s right feet always points at the woman he desires the most.” When Ellen Lisbon tells such a thing to her sister-in-law, the lady-cop doesn’t know what to believe... especially because it’s her consultant, Patrick Jane, Ellen is talking about! Of course, she has always had a crush on the man, but she had never believed that her feelings could be reciprocated. But are Jane’s feet always pointing at her by chance, or is it love?

Let Her Go
Author: lothiriel84
Artist: kathiann
Word Count: 5,097
Rating: T
Summary: AU-ish. Only know you love her when you let her go. (Passenger)

Snapshots Through Time
Artists: ruuger and agent_era
Word Count: ~5,500
Rating: T
Summary: Snapshots of Cho's life, from the army to the CBI and points in between. Warnings for talks of mental illness (PTSD)

Mini Bang fics

Act IX - Being Alive
Author: browneyesparker
Artist: kathiann
Word Count: 1,034
Rating: K+ for some light swearing.
Summary: For the first time in a decade, he was completely aware of being alive.

Lonely Man
Author: lothiriel84
Artists: ruuger and browneyesparker
Word Count: 1,023
Rating: T
Summary: A Mentalist/Sherlock Holmes crossover. That’s how you die a lonely man. (Alpha Rev)

Prelude and Fugue
Artists: miss_peg and kathiann
Word Count: 1,021
Rating: T
Summary: Somewhere downstairs, the tea was getting cold.


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