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miss_peg wrote in mentalist_bb
Author: miss_peg
Artist: agent_era
Link to art: (coming soon)
Word Count: 11,886
Rating: G
Summary: When Cho gets injured on the job, Jane feels sorry for him and turns his attention to Cho's love life (or lack, thereof) which leads to an interesting turn of events for his own.
Disclaimer: The words are mine, the people are not.
Notes: This was supposed to be more directly adapted from Emma, but due to my inability to become motivated in writing this story I had to make a few changes. I think it still has some of the more basic essence of Emma in it.
Written for the Mentalist Big Bang (though I very nearly missed it). Also, big apology to agent_era for being the worst BB author in the history of BB. Also, apologies to everyone for breaking my own rule yet again and not posting directly to my LJ.
Link to fic: Jane


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