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Unforgettable Face
closer brenda
little_firestar wrote in mentalist_bb
Unforgettable face
Link to art:here
Word Count:~10700
Rating:T (on the safe side)
Summary:After a one-night-stand of comfort sex, Lisbon, needing to distance herself from Jane, travels to Queens, to take in custody a person of interest in a cross jurisdiction case; there, she’ll not only find Jane already waiting for her, ready to try to win her over once and for all, but also someone she and her consultant know all too well: Jane’s brother-in-law, Danny Ruskin, now posing as Queen’s Robbery and Homicide Detective Roe Sanders. Is the con-man up to something, or, when Lisbon allowed him to walk away, something in him changed? And when and if the truth will come out, how it will affect Danny’s budding relationship with tech expert Tanya?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist and Unforgettable are both trademarked and propriety of CBS Productions.
Notes:: Post My Blue Heaven and Green Thumb for the Mentalist, and post season 1 finale for Unforgettable. X-over with the show “Unforgettable”, au-ish, playing with the fact that the characters of Danny Ruskin on “The Mentalist” and Roe Sanders on “Unforgettable”, shows both aired and produced by CBS, were both played by actor Kevin Rankin. 
Link to fic:part 1 - part 2