The Guy Next Door
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little_firestar wrote in mentalist_bb

The Guy Next Door
Link to art: here
Word Count: ~50.687
Rating:T (on the safe side)
Summary: AU- In a world where it wasn’t Red John to take away Jane’s family, Patrick and Teresa still meet; but what happens when she is a workaholic CBI agent, set on her career, and he is her nosy, loud and handsome new neighbor? Will spark fly, and what will they need to heal their old wounds?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist is trademarked and propriety of CBS Productions
Notes:Many thanks to the amazing kathiann, who volunteered to beta this little monster of a fic and provided the amazing art that accompanies it. Working with her every big bang is an hell of adventure- in the right way.
Link to fic: here (and here for the .pdf file)


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