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The Hardest Part
miss_peg wrote in mentalist_bb
The Hardest Part
Author: miss_peg
Artist: branquignole
Link to art: LINKY
Word Count: 4018
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cho receives a phone call from Summer which changes his life forever. (No, it's not a baby! Sorry Cho/Summer/baby fans.)
Disclaimer: I don't own/have any rights to The Mentalist, I'm just borrowing their story board.
Notes: This is my first attempt at writing Cho, so please forgive me. Thanks to Red and Charlie for looking over it and telling me it's okay and a huuuge thanks to tromana, as always, for betaing and for encouraging me to do something different. It worked!!! A massive thanks to branquignolefor her awesome art, it was great working with you!

Click the image for the fic!

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Haha, thank God it's not a baby. :D Seriously though, I love your fic so much. It's so much more than I hoped for and yet exactly what I wanted. PERFECTION. <3

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